Book And Table

Within this work I investigate my imagination. My imagination is influenced and inspired by experiences, cultures, habits, environments, my family and people around me. 

This work is the output of my experiences since my childhood until now, in both New Zealand and Japan, and takes the form of a picture book as the medium in which to share my worldview with people.

The audience for my work covers a wide range of ages, especially children between 1-5 years old: around the age they start having communication with people in words.

Wall Paint
A Little story on the wall
Block Toys
Block toys
Sketchbook Book
Sketch Book

The whole of my picture book is without words. There is neither text nor explanation in this book. It is constructed by pictures, illustrations and drawings. 

The idea of a picture book without text is to extend people’s imaginations and to open conversations between parents and kids, friends, other people and also with yourself. I have always been attracted to different perspectives and the ways in which people interpret stories within a book, especially those without text.

Picturebook Illustration
Octopus/ Rain Cloud House/ imagination (これをこうして、あれをああすると、そうなるでしょ)
Table And Books

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