Samuel Montgomery

Samuel Montgomery 2020 009
“Each human is a heterogeneous compound of vibrant matter. If matter itself is lively, then not only is the difference between subjects and objects minimized, but the status of the shared materiality of all things is elevated.”
— Jane Bennett
Samuel Montgomery 2020 002

The joining of the objects, space and body create a language that speaks to the increasing pressure faced by humans and the natural world - a pressure that is reinforced by the value, meaning, and the agency that we imbue in the objects that fill our oceans and earth.

In the space, there are both visual and physiological constraints. Found objects are placed in relation to other objects which are then constrained by the surrounding environment. By creating relationships between the objects through colour, shape and materiality, a new sense of language evolves and new ‘things’ are forged.

The sculptures are held together by the architecture of the space. In their placement, a tension is created that speaks to a ‘build-up’ of pressure and a ‘tipping point’. The natural world is further expounded in the placement of the sculptures: they have been positioned in relation to the human body as it moves through the exhibition, placing the viewer in direct relationship to the work and this tension.

Samuel Montgomery 2020 003
Untitled, 2020. Animal bone, sock, polyarene food box and cup.
Samuel Montgomery 2020 004
Untitled, 2020. Cat door.
Samuel Montgomery 2020 015
Untitled, 2020. Plastic chair.
Samuel Montgomery 2020 013
Untitled (stiffy), 2020. Baseball bat and scaffolding pipe.
Samuel Montgomery 2020 011
Untitled, 2020. Car air bag.

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