Juliana Duran

A cuatro metros de mi Glándula Pituitaria (Four meters from my pituitary)

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The pituitary gland is stimulated by the acknowledgment of environmental disruption, the kind of disruption that comes from displacement and raises the urgency to build a sense of place. “A cuatro Metros de mi Glandula Pituitaria”, is a shelter that presents a fragmented, metaphoric and nomadic landscape. As totems that occupy space, the installation offers a symbiosis of shifting landscapes between Colombia and Aotearoa, inspired by the nostalgia that not only comes from a geographical up-rooting but from the yearning for an ancestral connection.

The construction of this handmade landscape proposes an atmosphere where unreadable elements speak directly to the senses through colors, textures, and shapes that are the result of the need to occupy a portion of ground in foreign space. A propagation of ideal and emotive realities that transform into a physical one.

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