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In this project I have been interested in finding ways to overcome negative attitudes that can be projected onto artists and their work by the public when the representation of the artwork’s concept, on a material level, falls short of allowing for moment-perfect and clean self-reflectivity.

Jan Verwoert emphasises that, “unfortunately, the pure love of art as a material practise and as a pathway to the good life, usually falters the moment you have to contemplate the relationship to the audience. Because in that moment you have to enter into representation.” 

As an artist I have a desire to create work for the public, for the city and for the people, without being stigmatised for claiming my right to do so. In order for this to occur I believe that the representation of the ideas I commit to must find a way to separate itself from the hand of the maker in the work, to avoid performing a self-assured hubris, but not to the extent where it dehumanises the works fully. 

The works aim to operate in this way in a sort of 'grey zone' where their credibility as artworks isn’t compromised by what subjectively could be considered imperfections to their resolution. 

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Installation view
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Brick wall (4).2
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Brick wall (1)

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