Lara Lindsay-Parker

Angel Fresh

Lara LP Still1
“...Delicate tea Grapefruit, Milk Bouquet, Spring, Whispers, Aloe Magnolia, Coconut and Flower, Shower, Vera and Cucumber, Lavender, Heavenly Honey, Pink Fresh, Suddenly, and Gardenia, Instinct, Elegant Raspberry, Lemon Pomegranate, Oatmeal Spring, Summer, Chamomile, Africa, Apple Amber and Dreams...”
— Excerpt
Lara LP Still2
Lara LP Still4

The participants recite a poem comprised of the names of household scents. Finding inspiration down the virtual aisles of Countdown supermarket, each candle, bottle of Spray and Wipe, bar of soap, body spray, deodorant, and bathroom cleaner tells a story of elsewhere, promising transportation, transformation, transcendence.

English lacks an olfactory vernacular which binds smells to simile and creates a blank slate for abstract language. The work is severed from the once inspirational aisles of the supermarket. Words are distorted into cacophony, opening a new conversation about the all too familiar noise and nonsense of our media-saturated world and how we might navigate this world as embodied subjects.

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