Alane Sue Paterson

ANSWERING THE HAIL (Reflecting on Perspectives of Materiality)

As Paterson 1
Stack 1, Cast Recycled Copper Block, Universal 2, 2016.

My main influence in the formal production of work this year has been the minimalists, in particular, Donald Judd and Dan Flavin.

My practice has been based around material exploration, and in doing so I have concentrated on elements of form, surface and light. I have focused upon those quieter moments when materials intersect and new moments are created by the formation of mutually beneficial relationships, which exhibit the unique properties of each material. In isolation, the materials are often inconspicuous and unremarkable.  However when the emphasis of the object is changed, or specific characteristics such as reflection, transparency, and natural and artificial light are emphasised, we are invited to consider surface character, and to reconsider our interpretation of the objects and any associated relationships, including tensions between those materials.

As a female artist operating in the late postmodernism era, I celebrate and reflect upon the fact that I am operating within a formalist tradition that has historically been dominated by masculine production and theoretical discourse.  Drawing on the minimalists, I have used traditionally masculine industrial materials such as steel universal beams.  I have then applied my own feminine authority to these objects by highlighting properties such as surface and reflection.

Being naturally drawn to the materiality of objects, I have discovered the power of the material asserting itself, be it the way the material shines and reflects light or the way the surface contrasts with a competing material or element.  I hear the hail, and I feel the irresistible power of the materials.

Eighty Hours, 2016
Eighty Hours, 2016.
As Paterson 12
One Twenty Hours, 2016.
As Paterson 4
Stack 2, 2016.
As Paterson 9
Stack 2, 2016 detail.
As Paterson 5
Untitled, 2016.
As Paterson 13
Untitled, 2016.
As Paterson 23
Found Polystyrene Play.
As Paterson 24
Found Polystyrene Play.
As Paterson 11
As Paterson 16
Universal 2, 2016.
As Paterson 27
As Paterson 28
RSJ, Monoprint.
As Paterson 21
Detail Eighty Hours, 2016.
As Paterson 22
Universal 2, 2016.

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