May Jiang


“Legends say that the Baku will come into the child's room and devour the bad dream, allowing the child to go back to sleep peacefully.”
— Wikipedia

My work inspiration comes from my wish to eliminate nightmares. I visualise Japan's mythical beast, Baku, entering my dream to help and devour nightmares for me.

The content of my work reflects on the meaning of what everything is moving towards a good trend.

I consider sculpture art as an excellent form of artistic expression: intuitive and visible. My work consists of two sculptures. I use resin and bronze as materials for casting my sculpture figures with a certain spatial-visual effect. They stand opposite each other, gaze onto another self, contradicting and balancing.

Overall photography

Overall photography

This work explores different themes and determines the different materials and textures.

The bronze version of my work represents a dream world. It has been oxidised to produce vivid colours which generate when the bronze is heated.

The resin version is a reality. Broken glass attaches to the sculpture's surface, shimmering and twinkling along with the glass's gapes with an icy sadness. The reality is as complex and diverse as broken glasses.

Enlarged view
Enlarged view

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