Wenchong Wang


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When it comes to the mode of artistic creation, many people feel that it is a gradual process regardless of the area of art in question. Every aspect is carefully and purposefully planned, from the preparation of materials to the production process, and finally, to the presentation.

Due to Covid-19, the direction of my research changed: although I started with earth art, the long city closures forced me to carry out more work at home as opposed to outdoors. Initially, I was limited to the materials accessible around me, and my research progressed very slowly. However, this also gave me more time to consider new modes of creation, which I refer to as improvisation.

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When I could not identify a suitable way to create, I often fell into a state of self-doubt, doubting my own motivation and purpose of creation. This frequently led me to lapse into a passive state, sometimes even avoiding creation. I am of the mind that improvisation is an effective way to solve these problems, to expand my thinking, and to avoid some unnecessary obstacles, such as choosing materials, making, and so on. As a production method, improvisation is not only found in painting, but also in other fields.

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As a common object in our everyday life, the cube is found in all regions. The raw material for cardboard boxes is wood, but when they are made into cardboard boxes they leave their original environment. So, I cut the boxes into cubes of the same size to bring them back into nature, despite having changed form.

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