Vivian Jin

Disaster Series

078 A9087

My work explores the appropriation of Korean politics, incidents and history.

078 A9106

I translate from scenes of news, videos and photographs as the selection of part into simplified drawings. I re-image and reduce complex imagery to its most essential, two dimensional elements. In my country, South Korea, I observed that a lot was happening around the country: complex events often causing shock and shame, which are all related to politics and history. A lot of them probably didn’t really know what was going on. My significant key point for my drawing and objects is: what are the memories of history echoing through the images - images that make audiences automatically assume that it is an important moment in Korean history?

078 A9108
Sewol MV sinking, 2014
078 A9101
President suicide, 2009
078 A9097
Namdaemun Fire, 2008
078 A9098
Kore oil spills, 2007
078 A9107
I.M.F., 1997
078 A9110
Korean Air Flight 801, 1997
078 A9100
Sampoong Department store collapse, 1995
078 A9099
First Family Union, 1985
078 A9092
078 A9080
078 A9091
078 A9094
078 A9084

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