Jiatong Cao

For You (为你)

4 Screenshots Of Painful Telephone Booth(痛苦电话亭)&The Red Silk Scarf(红丝巾)&Looking for Fireworks(寻找烟花)
4 Screenshots Of 'Painful Telephone Booth(痛苦电话亭)' & 'The Red Silk Scarf(红丝巾)' & 'Looking for Fireworks(寻找烟花)'

'For You' is an experimental video artwork series including three moving images with soundtrack and voiceover:

'Painful Telephone Booth(痛苦电话亭)', 'The Red Silk Scarf(红丝巾)' and 'Looking for Fireworks(寻找烟花)' are three videos that explore the self-salvation of women in love.

We can live on carbon dioxide as long as there is love.

Painful Telephone Booth(痛苦电话亭)- an advertisement promoting a new JIATONG Health Products Co.Ltd product called 'Painful Telephone Booth' is a fantasy product that never existed. It advertises that as you make a phone call to Painful Telephone Booth you will forget anything that makes you unhappy.

Painful Telephone Booth(痛苦电话亭)

The Red Silk Scarf(红丝巾)- exploring Chinese women's love outlook in the 1960s. It's a true story based on my grandmother's relationship with her mother-in-law (my grandfather's mother).

The Red Silk Scarf(红丝巾)

Looking for Fireworks(寻找烟花)- is about my own view of love. The video presents the idea of salvation in love and the pursuit of love from the perspective of ecofeminism. 'Fireworks' is a metaphor for love, and the moment of blooming symbolises the perception of love.

Looking for Fireworks(寻找烟花)

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