027 A8090
Fabric Print (Black), 2019
“The Body has the power of concrete presence, and [yet] its absence can be power. ”
— John Knesl

'Fragments' is an examination of the (absent) body in space, with particular reference to the poetic and architectural. I am interested in understanding the importance of the present figure within constructed space, and the impact of this relationship. It is the human aspect of space that provides narrative and history, establishing an emotional response or connection.

027 A8084
Fabric Print (Orange), 2019

Trace and fragmentation have emerged as appropriate discourses to imbue ideas of absence and nostalgia into my studio practice, which in turn have allowed for a poetic thread to gain prominence. I am influenced by the writing of Gaston Bachelard and Susan Stewart; their perspectives allowed for space to become more than architectural form and representations of the body. Creating prints out of an earlier sculpture allowed my work to transform from this origin, forcing it to become increasingly ambiguous. This ambiguity provides a space for false memories to attach, and for a false nostalgia.

027 A8095
Fabric Print (Layered), 2019

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