Kirsty McNeil

Getting Around Town: Constructing Trajectories For Space

Ls Fw 027 A0628 Km

The mobility of the everyday journey provides the framework to consider the formation of space. In the book "For Space", Doreen Massey proposes that space recognises a multiplicity of trajectories; it is a result of interrelations and therefore, it is always under construction. 

Sculpture and video operate using elements of space, light and materiality, which reflect the illusion and objectness of moving spaces in dialogue with transport and film history.

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At either end of the journey the passenger turns pedestrian and continues the trajectory of space in the duality of present and a virtual elsewhere using the mobile screen: feet tread the ground, head tilted slightly downwards, peripheral vision engaged with the palm angled upwards, cradling the device like a gently sloping ramp sliding through the digital field of where you are and where you are going.

Portrait IMG0320_KM
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"Getting Around Town" 03:26, Digitised Super 8 film (projections)

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Km  Mg 0364
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Km  Mg 0330
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