Sunny Yoon

Hello Dears

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Hello Dears acknowledges that the objects are representations of me. I am trying to investigate ways of expressing both my physical and psychological identity in conjunction with my cultural background. 

I am seeking to represent myself as being in the ‘in between’ space, where my sense of awkwardness and disrupted cultural placement is most obvious. The objects reflect the transformative nature of my identity, being able to shift between my Korean cultural background and my New Zealand upbringing. These objects are specific to my measurement and size.

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Objects in domestic spaces play an important role in developing a sense of intimacy and comfort. My intimate connection to my piano has allowed me to be comfortable and engaged in composing the sound pieces within the installation.

My practice is mainly materially based, with an interest in the juxtaposition and relationship between materials. Through material exploration and making functional objects, I am able to find my own way to explore the contexts that I am interested in. The processes of re-constructing, re-presenting and resembling are key to my practice. Furthermore, I am interested in play and using playfulness as a way to engage in my conceptual interest, seeking to reveal unique perspectives. Similar to Andrea Zittel and Xin Cheng, my works sit between art and design where the objects are sculptural yet still functional. In terms of making, I am more engaged with Cheng’s practice, especially because of the playful nature of making, with an emphasis on making for herself.

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