Sholto Buck

I could spend years here without saying much

Sholto 1

The gaze draws downwards, under the horizon.

The formal characteristics that define my photographic practice have taken/are taking time to develop. They scratch towards points of resonance, leading me forward. This project’s goal has been to harness this emergent signature and collate its parts to reveal meaning. I have drawn on photographs that have been taken as singular images, in different times and places, trusting that the compulsion that drove me to make them will yield some cohesion. 

Key categories that have emerged this year in my work have been the horizon line and the surface of the ground. I seek to distort these components of the landscape through a melancholic reimagining (tilting, flipping, creasing, erasing the image and its subject), simultaneously asserting and disarming their status, with the intention of making them ‘other.’ The resulting photographs look to establish an allegorical platform, from which to propose a queered space. In doing so, I am interested in initiating a shift in perspective for the viewer.

I have arrived at this iteration of the work after a year-long process of shooting, archiving, editing, installing, reinstalling, reflecting on and testing photos on floors and walls and in a range of spaces. The selections and configurations of images continually change, refining through sensitivity to site, print quality and the textures of various paper types. Slumped over the ground, prints invariably become damaged. Failure is welcomed and harnessed as a queer tactic.

Viewing the work from different levels is encouraged.

Sholto 2
Sholto 6
Sholto 9
Sholto 8
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Stairs Thin Paper

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