Nina Bauman

Identity Through Recognition

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My work looks at identity by exploring self-portraiture and viewer interaction with art.

Initially, I tried to digitally manipulate my face to alter how it looked and how others recognised it. I eventually found this method flawed as it was as if I was just copying my artist models.

Further exploration led to the mirror self-portraits, and the blurred images: ways of manipulating information without the use of photoshop. In these recent works, I started to move towards exploring identity.

I knew that I wanted to keep viewer interaction as a key feature of the studio work throughout my process.

My final work represents what I wished to achieve by inviting the viewer to interact with the handheld mirrors, wanting them to hold the mirrors themselves. The viewer can also touch and interact with my silk images to explore intimacy and viewer experience with my work. The work aims to open an explorative experience for the viewer and my art.

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