Jacqui Bennenbroek

In Living Memory

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Screen prints made with sand sourced from site

To me, the relationship between people and place is both important and interesting. How we leave a mark on a place, and how a place leaves its mark on us through memory, I find striking.

My initial enquiry which started my research project was that of land erosion, as it felt like an appropriate area to expand upon from my previous work concerning place and the effects of time.

Whilst that is still an important element of conceptual engagement, I have also opened a discourse between ecology and its relation both physically and metaphorically to grief and loss over a period of time. The connection of how landscapes develop into ruin is parallel to our own human frailty. The title ‘In Living Memory’ refers to the passing of my mother mid-project which influenced my mindset and methodology throughout the year, both before and after her passing. The time and entropy of this year-long project has been something in itself.

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Sand and glue screen print
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Screen print on perspex
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Sand and glue screen print
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