Momota Sefesi

Investigation into the art form Tau'olunga


The motivation behind this project was to attempt to conceptualise a Tongan concept, or traditional concept. For this year-long project I chose the dance form “Tau’olunga”. I chose to work with technology, materials and processes that were familiar to me to try and show the form of Tau'olunga, but still keep the base of it there. Through mark-makings and video, I explored many aspects of Tongan storytelling, and the multiple layers encountered with Tongan Tau'olunga and dance. I encountered many problems involving cultural context and attempting to show the full beauty of the art form when showing it through drawing, digital media etc.

This project started off as a study, an investigation; I had curiosities about how it would work in this way, and in that way. At the end it became personal; I felt the weight of my ancestors, of my family of the villages that the three videos in this installation represent. I hope that I have done them justice.

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