09 A3735
It’s all here

Like a drawing that you can never properly balance – this work could go on and on. But here it is: frozen in process. These works have gone back and forth, up and down, shoved into the depths of a grotty canvas bag and then resurrected because, ‘Hey, that wasn’t as bad as I thought’. Somethings are not just pictures but houses for bugs. Lots of pages have been ripped out of sketchbooks and somethings are canvas pieces that look like the enlarged pages of a crumpled publication.

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Big things, little things, every day, existential, planned, accidental, bugs, cats, dogs, humans, plants, planes, lots of materials, lots of styles, words, pictures, tape, nails, tools of all sorts, art word, other world, garden supplies, art supplies, stuff to finish later, stuff that will just stay the same forever, views from outer space and views from this very space. It’s all here.

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0 DE46 D9 E 4 EA1 49 F9 B708 432 F9971 C15 B
3118779 F E435 4554 ACCF 0 F2678 D0 A992
DD928827 491 B 441 B B44 F 84 DC65 E77 F2 D

Looking at installation/site/space extended upon the dynamic between physical, material and pictorial spaces in my drawing practice. This work is effectively about change in perspective and direction set in the site of my studio space. As I started to shift my practice from abstract painting to figurative – the studio resembled a kind of still-life in action. The site replicated the changing processes such as collage and tactility explored on paper, canvas, and occasionally clay. Extending the pictorial space outside of these dimensions, in an installation perspective is everchanging and activated by the viewer.

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