Jackson Crampin


— Jackson Crampin
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"DON'T! STOP! MAKING!" Workshops (Cardboard Cars)
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"DON'T! STOP! MAKING!" Workshops (Mini Gallery)
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"DON'T! STOP! MAKING!" Workshops (Self Portraits)

All great artists have great quotes! My quote is “DON’T! STOP! MAKING!” It is also the name of the kids show I made, and the series of workshops I conducted with a group of children from Bayfield Primary School.

“DONT! STOP! MAKING!” is an invitation to the potential viewer to get wrapped up in constant creation, with ideas and instructions provided.

The project in various iterations has been framed by the precarious actions of artists such as Thomas Hirschhorn and Martin Creed. Equally important to my research has been the comfort of familiar tropes from children's television, specifically shows such as Art Attack 1990 and Pee Wee’s Playhouse 1986.

By engaging with precarious action I’ve allowed myself to forgo my anxieties about making work that is skilled or valuable. Instead I have focused on the simple process of having ideas and embracing what follows. Bringing these ideas to life has given them a personal value, and is rewarding whether it is done alone or in a collective. The key priority is not finding resolutions, but to prolong the joy of making for as long as possible.


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