Samantha Cheng

Machine hands make light work

027 A7785

In my practice, I enjoy working with mediums that often use the hand. This research embraces and appreciates tactility in the craft medium of crochet. It expands on the implications of taking time and caring for the making of things, resisting the notion that working should always be ‘productive’. Throughout my research, I was drawn to the strength and enduring nature of textiles. These seemingly tenuous strands can carry weight, bind things together, or be pulled taut.

027 A7769
027 A7744
027 A7772

In the space, loose strings and strands entice the making of new connections. I intended to imply the idea that one can simply walk in the space, pick up a needle or hook and continue working. Making has no end in this research; thus, the install will always hold the potential to evolve through new connections. The space was made as a temporal installation that is in constant flux.

027 A7760
027 A7799
Floor view

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