Kaoru Kodama

Mobile Immobilities / Up to Three

Mobile Immobilities

I engage with unfamiliar situations and social relations in order to gain critical distance in further understanding the current social organisation.

In this project, performance art was treated as a platform for experimenting with what might be considered socially and politically possible. My normative living arrangement in a private home was traded for an experience living in public spaces, while I restricted myself from accessing my flat. Simultaneously I invited my audience to participate by visiting my flat, and their visits were the only times during which I could re-enter my flat and use its amenities. 

The project specifically aimed to locate spaces for practising political praxis within this dependent social relation. It also asked what might be considered an ethical act, in performing consequential situations. Lastly, it questioned how authentic such situations really were, when they were created under the framework of performance art. 

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Invitation to participate - Up to Three

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