Emelia French

Personal Notations

Emelia French 1656
Three volumes of booklet publications to be given away at the Elam Graduate Show 2015

“Mostly, I believe an artist doesn’t create something, but is there to sort through, to show, to point out what already exists, to put it into form and sometimes reformulate it.”

The function of lists is to order a greater mass of information, allowing some comprehension of its infinity. Thus their functionality is to exist in reference to something more. As a catalogue of information about my everyday existence, the work becomes an entry into my life; it is an offering of information attempting to communicate my identity, my existence, and what it means to be human for me. The lists provide an observation of interaction between reader and writer, self and society, predominant social ideals and preconceived notions. This introspective account further illustrates the external influences on our everyday lives. The work is an act of self-historicisation that addresses the underlying motivations behind the practice of list making. The nature of lists as being infinite offers a small triumph in the consideration of our own mortality. 

“In the perception of the incomprehensible peculiarity of something which is a sensually given, we gain a view of our lives in the present that is not otherwise at our disposal. The attention to what is appearing is that at the same time attention we pay to ourselves.”

At the Elam Graduate Show 2015, visitors to the space were invited to take a booklet publication away with them. 


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