Tanya Elise Hackney


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When I am Hungry I Dream of Wolves
“For today's artists, the contradictory relationships between myth and reality, as well as the Surrealists' irreconcilable relationship between the conscious and the subconscious, play a minor role. They aim at the metamorphoses in the contrasting worlds of humans and animals, of digital civilisation, and of expanding awareness regarding the maintenance of human environment. ”
— Monika Schnetkamp Metamorphoses Arthena Foundation, Dusseldorf 2017

This installation is in response to my two year stage three cancer battle. I had a metal portocath placed in my chest for medicine to run straight to my heart. Although my portocath is out now I feel very connected to metal still. The most successful part of this battle for me was the immediate violent cut of surgery. Metal my saviour again. Echoing the gestures of my surgeon, I manipulate wax and plaster as if skin. Antler, hair and teeth all speak of skin. Plaster as skin, a cocoon for healing.

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My form is ever-changing. They have reformed my body and they will again. The spectral colour change of the heated flame mirrors the spectral colour reaction of the heated metal.

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