Put down your shield. You are already dead.

43 A8827 Paul Nathan Web

For this project I have used the idea of a game to explore concepts around the authenticity of experience and identity. It could be suggested that in Western civilization we, as a society, replicate a deeply entrenched consumerist value system while at the same time innately deluding ourselves about our own significance both personally and as a species in relation to the cosmos. These paintings have been created in the manner of a quasi-scientific experiment to probe Donald Winnicott’s theories of the 'True Self' and 'False Self'.

Using the geometric grid as a proxy, I have embedded four letter words with my own code. The words each speak to human frailty and vulnerability. By doing this, I am attempting to transform the viewer’s experience of the work once the titles of the paintings (the embedded words) are revealed. The aim is to create the conditions necessary to destabilise the viewer, asking them to question their own relationship to these concepts and to the work itself. 

43 A8830 Paul Nathan Web
"Slot" 2017 oil on canvas
43 A8826 Paul Nathan Web
43 A8831 Paul Nathan Web
"Trip" 2017 oil on canvas
43 A8832 Paul Nathan Web
"Zero" 2017 oil on canvas

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