Java Bentley

Quilt (with Kirsty McNeil)

Img 0755
Quilt (with Kirsty McNeil).

The handmade is transformed into objects that have a relationship to holding and carrying space. In terms of materiality, the contrast between soft and hard materials question what is the  interior and exterior form. The concept of the home is reflected in geometric shapes as the objects resemble familial encounters because the work was created insitu as an event for bodies.

This assemblage of objects evokes particular memories and experiences as each object has marks of the hand which shows the process and how it was made. The function of the quilt as a memory container also served as a foundation for my other work which commemorate personal memories. 

The implication of inflatables is deflation and the release of pressure and tension. The juxtaposition between the more substantial and weighty forms in relation to the inflatable, represent a conceptual narrative of memory and the home and show how elusive, fixations of memories can control and weigh us down. Looking through the house, the viewer sees the dim, obscure shape of the ball on the table, evoking the way memories can intrude and yet also fade.

Img 0769
Airspace (inflated).
Img 0775
Airspace (deflated).
Img 0761
Looking through 1.
027 A3316
Looking through 2.
Img 0767
Roadwork Dali
027 A3334
Athropomorphic Threshold
027 A3335
Athropomorphic Threshold (close up).
Img 0758
027 A3319
Img 0755
027 A3333
Sisyphus On The Red Carpet
027 A3331
Sisyphus On The Red Carpet
027 A3344
Img 0771
Img 0751
Mum's Soup

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