Aleisha Croker

Renegotiating the feminine ideal

43 A9646 Alisha Croker Web
Digital Photograph on Lightbox, 59.4 x 84.1 cm

This research and artistic project extends across contemporary feminist issues surrounding body image and Western beauty ideals. We are in a generation where technology and social media continue to develop at an overwhelming pace, and are saturated by images in the media of idealised women that sets a narrow beauty standard for all of us. As a female living in a country that adopts Western ideals of beauty, I feel the pressures to conform to these ideals, and through my artwork I want to renegotiate and widen the perspective of how a woman’s body should look.  

43 A9641 Alisha Croker Web
43 A9642 Alisha Croker Web
Makeup Body Print on Fabric, 252 x 131 cm
43 A9644 Alisha Croker Web

By using my own body in this series of work, a body that does not necessarily fit into the strict construct that is the conventional beauty ideal, it functions both as a self-reflection as well as creating a dialogue about what society defines as beautiful, asserting a need for exposure to media imagery that represents a more diverse range of women and body types. 

43 A9645 Alisha Croker Web

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