Charles Giles


027 A0970

Contemporary music cultures are defined in part by common transactions between music and substances. My connection to contemporary music culture comes from my immersion in the Berlin techno scene. The combination of space, music, lights and substances create a unique atmosphere. 

‘Tweeking’, commonly interpreted as being under the influence of amphetamines, is derived from the word ‘tweaking’, which is defined as changes made to improve or adjust a mechanism or system. In nightclubs, the environment is tweaked to enhance the experience of the clubber. DJs strive to do this through the use of an ostinato-like beat and tone. VJs (video jockeys) and lighting designers enhance and synchronise the music to intensify the experience. 

I have used different approaches to tweak this space, exploring the ways in which the room can have a sense of flow, leading the eye through the works and stages of a night out. 

027 A0981
027 A1001
LSD. Laser etched acrylic in Puriri block.
027 A1005
MDMA. Laser etched acrylic in Macrocarpa block.
027 A1052
Wake and Bake (Caffeine and THC). Screenprint. (Under Blacklight).
Img 1301 2
Business Meeting (Cocaine and Ethanol). Screenprint. (Under Blacklight).
Img 1307
Psilocybe Valley (Magic Mushrooms). Screenprint.
Img 1308
(Under Blacklight)

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