Shaunna Bartlett

Tenebris Sollicitudine

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“One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious.”
— Carl Jung

‘Tenebris Sollicitudine’ explores the psychological darkness that emerges in the form of anxiety, fear and stress. A darkness wrought by the unknown and the pressures enforced by society to conform to a particular mould in order to fit in.

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Eyes close and darkness descends.
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This darkness is both debilitating and alleviating. It holds us back from understanding ourselves as society has conditioned us against exploring it, choosing rather to avoid, ignore and shun it, but when it is faced, a truth is realised and brought to light; questioning the very foundation of the stable, comforting façade we have erected around us.

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The essence of this darkness – the unfulfilled part of the soul – has plagued humanity from the beginning of time. It is an encroaching limbo of self, culture. The darkness needs to be realised and embraced to understand one’s whole self.

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