Julia Kim

The body in space: exploring the experience of incompleteness and the faculty of sensibility.

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The central concern of this project is how the ontological status of the work of art can be functioned to view or deal with a particular subject-object relation. As Bill Brown suggests, things can be exceeded to their ‘mere materialisation as objects or their mere utilisation as objects’1, as their suddenness of presence and power continually evoke and transform upon an appearing of ‘something’.

The word ‘thing’ has become a mechanism of experiencing in my practice and played in relation to the subject: making and the world. Within this reorientation I have explored the material world, not as organised by structures or categories, but as composed by relational layers of dynamic interconnected things that are inherent in our lives.

  1. Brown, Bill. “Thing Theory.” Critical Inquiry, vol. 28, no.1, 2001, pp. 1-22. The University of Chicago Press, http://faculty.virginia.edu/theorygroup/docs/brown.thing-theory.2001.pdf.
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The interplay of videography and cinematography techniques are focused to investigate the unforeseen arrangements and possibilities of ordinary perception. In this way, I enact with the realm of observation or imagination rather than reality. Here, uncertainty becomes an important structure that offers to maintain and evoke critical thinking around the transformational possibility inherent in attending to everyday life.

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