Sue Nelson

The Flesh of All Things

Sue Nelson 2020 Fleshof All Things
Elam Grad Show Feb 2021

Coined by Merleau-Ponty, ‘the flesh of all things’ refers to the deeper layers of space and object. If you look at an artwork, what you ‘see’ is only a tiny fraction of what is there. It is a relationship of subject/object interconnectivity: the mechanics of eyes that operate in a way to see things, the light that reveals it, the pre-loaded conditioning of the viewer, the distance and air molecules between, the matter that has been physically and subjectively manipulated, the personhood of the artist or creator, the power of figment, and the feeling or memory that is taken away afterwards.

“I love the evocative syntheses between the materiality of a medium and the mystery of figment.”

My practice is an exploration and celebration of authentic process and properties. I am drawn to implicit recognition – when information is a felt experience, and ‘story’ is actioned through its own making like artworks that continue ‘becoming in their ongoing relationships and contexts.

Essay "I C U: Intrinsic Creative Universality" viewable on under CV

Sue Nelson 2020 Context
'Context' (art rag, tape, gilded frame)
Sue Nelson 2020 Big Hug
'Big Hug' (bronze, positive of a negative of a positive)
Sue Nelson 2020 Must
'Must' (lightbox, torn paper)
Sue Nelson 2020 Complx Dyn Pttrn
'Complex Dynamical Pattern' (yarn knit with no intention)
Sue Nelson 2020 Cozand Effect
'Cause & affect: one-a-day' (hard candy, Ashoka Dharmachakra pattern)
Sue Nelson 2020 Bare Essentials
'Bare Essentials' (wax candle middle finger portraits, purse)
Sue Nelson 2020 Too Far
'Too Far' (Plasticine modelling clay)

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