Nhu (Nikko) Pham

The Imprint of Existence

Nikko Pham Intro 1
A close-up shot from the installation of tracing images, The Imprint of Existence, 2018.
“It’s no use going back to yesterday, because I was a different person then.”
— Lewis Carroll

This research investigates the idea of our existence through the process of recording marks as a documentation of the past and present. My practice throughout this year has been working on tracing the marks around my life, from my home to my working place or school. My works try to make the intangible tangible, preventing these imprints from falling into the oblivion by turning them into artwork. The marks are the evidence of our lives and are worthy of our appreciation because they remind us how we become who we are today. 

Nikko Pham 1
The installation shot, The Imprint of Existence, 2018.

This project experimented with different methods of tracing vestiges of life with a variety of quotidian materials, and explored the concept of index and chance within the context of art.

Nikko Pham 2
The bending parts of the work reflect the connection between the drawings and the site, The Imprint of Existence, 2018.
Nikko Pham 2 1
A documentation of the tracing process is a part of the installation.
Nikko Pham Final
A full view of the tracing images, 4 panels of The Imprint of Existence, 2018.
Nikko Pham 4
A close-up shot of the documentation of the working process - 8B pencil sharpening and pencil leads on the floor, The Imprint of Existence, 2018.

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