Stella Burns

The Performance of Femininity

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My films and research in this project explore the cinematic performance of femininity. I examine how the female body is constructed within a filmic narrative to convey specific rules of femininity. I question the purpose of this gender performance within my work by exaggerating and extending the fantasy of cinema and destabilising the ground it sits on.

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The presentation of my female form within the domestic space shows the tension between my own individualised body and associations of filmic female body. I activate this space by performing feminine ideals and activities that connote traditional notions of femininity. Instead of making such tropes demeaning, they act as a broadening of what it means to be feminine in front of a camera as the female represented takes charge of how she/I want to look like.

I foreground my own meaningfully-clothed figure to show how the female body can perform femininity in a way that moves away from the male gaze. Instead the body aims to become an individual creative and desiring subject.

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In my double image, the spectator is invited to literally view multiple sides of my presentation. I extend myself past one characterised woman to a multi-faceted presentation of how I see myself and want to be seen.

My use of self-portraiture creates a reflexive view of how I adopt stereotypes and fashion them into my own individual presentation of gender, applied with anxiety and pleasure.

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