Andrew Rankin

The time travelling object.

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Detail, the time travelling object.

Roland Barthes’ idea of the real unreality of the photograph speaks to the way we see and value a photograph and index the subject as 'having been there’. To support this notion, Andre Bazin talks of photography’s ability to embalm time, relating it to man’s psychological need for the 'preservation of life by a representation of life'.1

1 Bazin, André, and Hugh Gray. "The ontology of the photographic image." Film Quarterly 13.4 (1960): 4-9.

Andrew Rankin
Installation view: The time travelling object 2018. Digital print on 180 gsm Epsom fine matt, recycled timber(pine packing spacers), foam-core, bent plexiglass.

In this work the relationship between frame and image is explored through sculptural form and the reproducible medium of photography. Manipulated within the structure, the printed two-dimensional image replicates the basic semblance of the three dimensional object it represents, facilitating a reciprocity between image-form, whereby the photograph ‘traces’ the object and the frame correspondingly ‘traces’ the photograph. Hence this project investigates the indexical relationship between image, object and photograph, activating questions about the significance of the chosen iconography and the connections between images and their referents.

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Detail, The time travelling object.
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