Wenjun Zhang

Things I Have Left Behind

截屏2022 08 05 09 15 48
An old photo of my grandparent's bedroom.

I want to create art that connects with people's memory in the deep heart, recalling memories through emotions and then turning them into a sense of reality and imagination.

My work is to explore the overseas Chinese and their memories of events and things. Such as items representing different times, meaningful objects from the past and remembrance. As the thing theory says, "A thing is an idea, and it gives a feeling, objects in the external world that delight me. It is a material in the world and is real (Brown 2001, 2)" 1. Because of my personal experience, even though I only partially grew up in China and then travelled to another country to live, like a Chinese sojourner. I am deeply immersed in memories, giving me a sense of belonging while exploring the culture and identity. There is no single form of memory, and it exists simultaneously as memories of thoughts, feelings, and experiences. It is understood as the perception of the past. Moreover, it is not just to show memory. It also has relations with culture, history and society, to use these elements to trigger people's emotions, nostalgia, and melancholy.

- All the things in the photo are gone, only the white shirt and an old photo of my grandparent's bedroom are still with me.

1. Brown, Bill. “Thing Theory.” Critical Inquiry 28, no. 1 (2001): 1–22. http://www.jstor.org/stable/13....

截屏2022 11 16 20 38 22
Cabinet from 2022
Wechat IMG64
Wine cabinet from 2012
截屏2022 11 16 20 27 06
White shirt from 2019 - photo from “Things I have left behind” video
截屏2022 11 16 20 27 00
White shirt from 2019 - photo from “Things I have left behind” video
截屏2022 11 16 20 31 08
Birthday cake from 2016 - photo from “Things I have left behind” video
截屏2022 08 22 08 45 38
Chair bought from 2015 put into a house in 2021
截屏2022 11 16 17 10 25
截屏2022 11 16 17 08 06
截屏2022 11 16 20 55 10

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