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There are certain objects that we keep and treasure more than others. These objects act as reflections of the self and reaffirm our identity. Often of particular importance to women, they hold intergenerational memories and tell the stories of events, experiences and people. These are the objects I am engaging with in my practice this year.

The Butterfly tray

The series of watercolour still-life paintings represents treasured things kept by my family and me. The paintings are of both the objects and the stories they tell, building together to create one composition.

The fine detail draws the viewer in and questions why these items were selected and treated with such care. The detail also reflects how the objects are viewed while being painted - the eye focusing on specific areas while glancing over others.

Areas displaying blank paper suggest where memories become unclear, and that not everything about these objects is shared.

Bird Crop
Enamel bird and silver ring
Amy's Collection
Book Cover
Book Open
Accompanying book sharing stories and memories of some objects
The blue china plate

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