Nicole Yandall

Today, Right Now

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“The visible world is arranged for the spectator as the universe was once thought to be arranged for God.”
— John Berger

Today, Right Now investigates the freedom of the format of the video essay, exploring the moving image as a medium that enables the discovery of self without the need for a traditional narrative or the documentation of a specific subject. I am interested in how, once these conditions of making are removed, film can become closer to something like an abstract painting, or sculpture. It treats colour, and tempo as the conductor. In allowing these components to lead the way for a structure in my work grants the activation of an awareness of the pre-conscious, while allowing a response to the location I am shooting that is impulsive, reactive, and far less mediated.

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"We are made to exist in the space, and invited to stay overtime.​" ​-Bruno, Giuliana​

The value of art, it seems, is that you can represent a concept, explore and analyse it through verbal and visual information. This leads me to understand I cannot represent anything other than me as myself. Ultimately my work has resulted in, “you, [as] the dreamer, I [as] the subject. My subconscious populates the world you are now presented.” — lulia Micu

Although in my film the idea of a journey might be indexed through shots filmed through windows, and from moving vehicles, there is no physical arrival at a destination beyond the internal movement of the self. The splits of consciousness provide an inner labyrinth, one that we all seek to discover. It “expresses a truth about the human experience that universally resonates with us as human beings and our endless struggle and journey towards a higher self.”


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