Carmela Nepomuceno

Remnants of Love

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The project revolves around the themes of identity, meaning and time through the invitation of the space created and its representation. The idea of ‘a gift of self to another’ plays an important role in my own Catholic faith, where we are encouraged to be virtuous and offer ourselves to others. Therefore, the space that I created is an invitation for others to take part in my own perception on identity. 

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The objective of the work has been to find ways of activating the space to create a dialogue on offering, and how that relates to vulnerabilities. Allowing those virtues to come to life, not only through the hands presented, but also through the space offered and the exchange within what the flowers too represent, brings those intentions forward.

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The main focus of my reflections has been the process of experimentation and active involvement of offering oneself in the making of each piece that contributes to the work as a whole. As a result, different aspects that tap into other areas of my identity involving others have been presented as significant in the work. 

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