Rebecca King


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This project revolves around setting rules, in order to create controlled abstract art. These rules were created with the intention of studying the organisation of shapes and colours and how they communicate with each other.

Each individual painting follows their own unique set of rules. These rules include, but are not limited to, limited colour palette, number of times certain colours are used, will the colours overlap each other or leave a border around themselves?

Having rules set in place allows me to focus entirely on the physical painting process. The process becomes therapeutic in the sense that it allows my mind to wander off or to entirely focus on the paintbrush. Having control in this sense is comforting and finding joy in that comfort is an added bonus.

Painting directly onto cereal boxes introduces the day-to-day consumption and rituals. These paintings were made under alert level 4 so using resources at hand became part of the rules set.

Having a bowl of cereal while painting became an everyday occurrence under the circumstances, the little rituals brought a sense of comfort and control in a time when so much felt out of hand.

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