Mya Kim



We as humans fear the word death. Although we know it will hit us one day, it may be the fear of not knowing when it will approach us and take us away. In our lifetimes there will be incidents where our loved ones will suddenly leave us without notice. It is sad and depressing; I have personally dealt with a few deaths from people around me. The colours of death to me were black, white and red because I only interpreted it in a dark manner. But one day I questioned myself - would the loved ones would want to be expressed in that manner? I wanted to show love and happiness. It should be colourful in remembrance of that person. Their life ended however their legacy of colour will live on.

Colour is a powerful language which holds an emotional relationship with everything. It can easily be interpreted by the way the colour has been applied. Within one colour there are different shades, similar to a person's tone of voice revealing their feelings. Bold vibrant colours will give a strong and somewhat determined impression whereas, soft pastel colours will have a calm and soothing feeling. The main colours applied in the work are primary colours. This was to illustrate innocence and purity as the image of death to me is pure.

The purity of the work also comes from primary colours, and simple vertical and horizontal lines. These linear lines are used to give texture and body to the work. As the work is on cotton, it allows the audience to interact with the piece and see the process of how I made the stitches. 

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