William Kung

Volatile Mind

09 A2470
“Objects routinely exceed the horizon of human sociality, and can indeed be unavailable to human perception even when their effects are tangibly present. Sometimes their presence is acknowledged by paying attention to the haunting of their ghostly presence, listening to the ‘noises’ that they make in our surroundings and in our person), other times by the movements that they cause in other objects.”
— Elizabeth B. Silva

William Kung is a New Zealand-born Cambodian artist based in Auckland. He works in multimedia, recently focusing on sculpture, audio-video projection and installation. His work embodies an exploration of self-identity in relation to art, focusing on meaning through creative practice, psychology and paranoia. His recent work ‘Volatile Mind’ is an ongoing inquiry into the social and interpersonal relationships between his domestic spaces, objects and people. Kung’s work is a blend of multiple mediums, focusing on their material relationship, immaterial object relation, and ghostly presence through ambiguity and the abject.

09 A2451
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09 A2450
Out to Dry
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Bird Food
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