Sara Edwards

Wear my clothes, they're your problem now.

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“Everything in my life is falling apart anyway so I might as well have a giggle before I realise the 'falling apart' part is still happening.”
— Anonymous person on the internet

My practice explores the appeal absurdist humour has for millennials, and how this distinctive style emerges as a means of comprehending the absurdities of life today.

I explore a collaboration of artist and audience and the process of using social media as the primary vehicle for the makings of the project.

The process requires an exchange from the audience to discuss their inner impulses and intimate thoughts online. Using this dialogue, I paint an illustration of their conversation on a garment. The wearer then has the opportunity to introduce their thoughts into the physical world, and away from the digital world.

The outcome of the work explores both a subversive and humorous discussion, leading towards the notion that the mass appeal of absurdism reflects on the generation’s inner psyche, and how absurdist humour can be used as a coping mechanism for the feelings of worry, failure and dread.

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