43 A8852 Charlotte Maguire Web Resized
Tent, 2017, acrylic ink and glitter on paper.

Wishes and Slips is painted with acrylic ink and glitter on paper. The images have been constructed from memory fragments, found imagery and imagination.

43 A8850 Charlotte Maguire Web
Cardigan with Numbers, 2017, Acrylic ink on paper.
43 A8851 Charlotte Maguire Web
Stage with Green Light, 2017, acrylic ink.
Img 4062
Brain Drops, 2017, acrylic ink.

I’ve enjoyed exploring different artist responses to how our memory-experiences may be sensed through researching a range of media including film, painting, photography and sculpture. This has led me to a field dealing with autobiographical-fictive-imaginings and the restaging of memory as a way of perceiving identity.

43 A8854 Charlotte Maguire Web
Sparkly Black Pool, 2017, acrylic ink on paper.
43 A8853 Charlotte Maguire Web
Floating Cake, 2017, acrylic ink on paper.

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