Cass Power

You're so handsome, why does it feel so good.

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- will you still love me if I get top surgery?

- if it weren't for you I may be dead.

- this is a queer mixtape

- I have no money or savings because i'm not working at the moment. I have to attend therapy twice a week.

- my family doesn't like this about me

- im gay.

- im trans.

- im also dyslexic.

- multi-directional

- an archive of my queer lived experience, I devote myself to it and itself to me.

- she likes me and we are in my bloody stained sheets. not mine and not yours.

- non-binary/non-linear

- expectations and not being able to conform to one.

- don't give up on me yet..

- visible when often invisible

- how would it feel to be invincible?

- stop thinking in a foreshortened way

- it's crazy. you said there is no magnetism between us. but every-time I describe what it is like to be with you.. I say we are like magnets.

- I feel like you can see right through me.

I'm not a photographer anymore,

Im just a decision maker now.

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