Kathryn Tulloch

Concentrated Drift

Red Rug Elam Web
red rug, 2015, scoria and linen, installation view. Elam School of Fine Arts.

A form of osmosis underlies this work where I saturate materials, slowly processing this action over a duration, infusing thought towards a sense of the mute, somatic and cellular.

This research percolates through gradual sense-making activity and accumulates in shallow space on ground. As it unfolds it offers a condition of concentrated attention towards a kind of processing to do with an interchange or a spacious simultaneity between the presence of the earth and a meaning-full based world. 

Kathryn Tulloch Web 3 3
concentrated drift, 2015, installation view, Elam School of Fine Arts

Small motion and subtle atmospheres of the unseen and sometimes felt, seen and experienced, robust and fugitive, are understood and tested within a configured set of terms. 

These terms form a field where questions of movement, presence and thought can be investigated through ecological and bodily concerns. Sensations of subtle adjustment, moments of equilibrium, poetic joining, debris, influx formlessness and changing habits are used and inform possible permutations of one work to the next. Each new work is a variation of the resonant possibilities of the last, and holds attention to the forming and unforming of presence and meaning.

Kathryn Tulloch Web 4
clay mat, 2015, pvc backed cotton, watercolour, kaolin, newsprint, scoria.
Kathryn Tulloch Web 2 1462
background study, 2015, watercolour on extra white, hot press, 300gsm paper, installation view.
Kathryn Tulloch Web 5 768
background study, 2015, coloured paper, photocopy paper, newsprint, sugar paper, watercolour. research test.
Kathryn Tulloch Web 5 2462
concentrated drift, 2015, installation view, Elam School of FIne Arts

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