Julie Ilagan

DIDAN : Sustainable Wear, SS21

Julie Ilagan Promo Images
Installation view featuring the Tigbalog Set, Kedes Dress, SedSed Set, and Pawi Shirt
“Don’t be into trends. Don’t make fashion own you, but you decide what you are, what you express by the way you dress and the way you live.”
— Gianni Versace, fashion designer

My research project uncovers the social, political, and environmental impact of fast fashion. This involves the value-chain: the mass production of clothing contributing to climate change, and the exploitation of garment workers.

Reconnecting with my Filipino heritage with its history in craftsmanship and traditional practices inspired me to defy the fast fashion system by creating sustainable and ethical clothing designs.

Julie Ilagan Image
Close-up view of the Kedes Dress (craftsmanship: embroidery, screenprint, patchwork)

My father’s family descended from the Aeta Tribe, and it is their traditional practices which encouraged me to work sustainably by repurposing unwanted clothing to create patchworked garments.

The screen-printed and embroidery patterns on the garments reference traditional tattooing practised by the Aetas.

Julie Ilagan Intro Image
Lueve Set (craftsmanship: embroidery, screenprint, patchwork)
Julie Ilagan Contentimage2
Tigbalog Set (craftsmanship: embroidery, screenprint, patchwork)

A ‘look-book’ demonstrates transparency by providing information on each garment while promoting craftsmanship and culture.

Julie Ilagan Promo Images2
Julie Ilagan Promo Images3
DIDAN: Sustainable Wear Spring/Summer 2021 Look Book

Images of my models wearing the garments outside clothing stores seek to confront globalised fashion industries through the juxtaposition between sustainable artisanal craft and fast fashion.

Julie Ilagan Promo Image
Installation view of my models: Jenica Ilagan, Jahnvi Patel and Monica Wang wearing the garments outside fast fashion stores (420 x 594mm)
Julie Ilagan Jahnpromoimage
Jahnvi Patel wears the Kedes Dress featured in front of H&M (420 x 594mm)

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