Jieying Jiang



My investigation of functionality and aesthetics is through the construction of ceramics, wood and steel. Sculptures are reintroduced into a practical furniture form; whilst some tableware sits on the shelves explicitly as functional objects, others do not manifest an immediately evident function.

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027 A1258

Including both familiarity and surprise to draw people’s attention, the versatile forms convey the notion of not being limited. Instead of speaking out about what they are, users question and contemplate what they can do with it in a more approachable gesture. Hoping to subside the intimidating stereotype about traditional art works for viewers, the works encourage viewers to touch and feel - eliciting viewers’ intention of rearrangement. The viewers may choose their position in relation to the works, and translate themselves into the space in order to create his or her own way of life experience. As children often touch without prior questioning as to what it is or what its purpose may be, they have the most straightforward interaction, driven by pure curiosity, as well as intuition that I attempt to let viewers experience.

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