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Wall prints of the 3 different places I have been to for this project. (Karekare, Piha and Muriwai)

In this project I wanted to take on a journey and explore Auckland's natural landscapes with my camera. Nature is always fascinating to me because I lived in a 'concrete jungle' for more than ten years. 

 It was eye-opening to see the sublime nature of New Zealand and I wanted to document my journey with this photography project. 

In this project I focused on collecting a large amount of photographs of the landscape, and the things I saw there.  During this process I started to perceive the images as pieces of visual information that can be fragmented and categorised. Therefore, I wasn't concerned with the technical and aesthetics aspects of photography, instead I was more interested in developing conceptual ideas through artists' books.

Sand 3
image from book of sand
Cover Image
image from book of peaks
“Usually, the subject matter of the image is not the subject of the work.”
— Roni Horn

As Roni Horn stated :

"The book is a unique manner of address. Of great importance is the fact that the book is an intimate form; it mostly engages the individual individually. The individual must be active in the exchange, not simply encountering or locating a given book but consuming it. In this sense the book chooses its audience. "


Through the artists' books I wanted to invite my audiences to experience my journey. I want them to see the places I have been to, and the things that I saw. 

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artists' books and photographic cards
Water 1
image from cards of water
Wood 1
image from book of wood
Rock 2
image from book of rocks
image from book of peaks

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