Shi Xu

Kiss Me Goodbye Baby

A perspective of the room

Thinking is among people; it could also be here. Not thinking creates 'non-sense', which shows what has been thought and what else that hasn't. In my clean/decorative/virtual/aesthetic room, any interactive/ridiculous/personal/entertaining behaviour is welcome. 

Another perspective of the room
43 A9273 Xu Shi Web
Documentary photography with a research piece on it
43 A9265 Xu Shi Web
Acrylic on canvas (left): spray paint on wood board (right)
43 A9268 Xu Shi Web
Three different forms of one room
The Room 24 K
Digital rendering photography
3D-print head with masks (left); 3D-print toilet (right)
43 A9267 Xu Shi Web

About materials and techniques. Acrylic paint. Spray paint. 3D-print. Resin cast. Digital & traditional photography. Digital video mixed guitar sounds. Bricks. Clothes. 360°VR. Some of these techniques were taken from other artists, and thanks to their support, the technicalities of my work were a lot easier. 

43 A9271 Xu Shi Web
research pieces on the wall (left); resin cast toilet (right)

About the research: I used my artists' research as material in my work; I used some parts of the concepts from their works in my work in an attempt to make them connect together to create a thinking map, explaining how cultures can create art. On the other hand, my notebook records some thoughts about books I read, including some key words about conversations I had with people, and some designs and drawings.


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