The need to make something out of materials already present in the world is to an extent a mindful exercise, mitigating the collateral of being a consumer, as well as a producer.

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Plastivines, 2018. Plastic milk lids & wire installation

This project is therefore facilitated by the need to reconcile one’s ambivalence towards materiality in an age where waste is a growing predicament. It is shaped by the urgency to think about the surplus of things in a world full of stuff.    

Plastibonds, 2018. Plastic bottles, packaging tape & resin

These works consist of found mass-produced items, collected over time to bring about a reflection through the disruption of prosaic materials. The proposition of these forms is shaped by the process of accumulation, and speaks to the formation of natural organic structures. Accumulation, in this case, refers not only to a material sensibility but also signifies consumption, labour and time. 

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Hive, 2018. Cardboard toilet rolls & adhesive glue
Newstump, 2016-2018. Newspaper & PVA glue

To harness and confound the end of an object’s useful life is an antagonising but welcomed challenge. After all, the desire to create is often the opposite impulse to throwing something away. This incites the will to use and reuse all of what materials can offer. Nothing is considered as wasted. Waste only shows itself to be a false end, a ruse which masks the continuity and potentiality of things.

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Fungal Bloom, 2018. Pencil shavings & UHU glue
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