Kristina Leggett

Street Talk

Klegfull Media
Left installation view.

My work explores gesture, focusing on everyday communication and interaction. In our digital milieu, our nonverbal gestures have been reconfigured online - through texting and mass imagery. In this modality; people and things intertwine, temporality and movement are unhinged, we are both more connected and more alienated - through a plethora of channels and networks.

Gesture is examined in my installation through the concepts of subjectivity and the screen. The work queries where mediated digital and analogue modes of art production intersect and diverge - in terms of layering, light, colour, time and space. Layering disrupts the image - light makes colour on the screen, whereas colour makes light in painting. Time and space are discordant. The alterity of the picture dissolves.

Klegfull Media
Left installation view.
Acrylic ink and paint on canvas 700 mm x 900 mm.
Acrylic ink and paint on canvas 560 mm x 710 mm. Acrylic ink and paint on canvas 500 mm x 1000 mm. Photography on fabric over steel tube frame.
In photography my interest lies in the space between the physical world and its digitally generated images. My photographs are remade in this technologically mediated space.
Kleg Lhjellyfish
Photographs printed on blackout fabric 910 mm x 650. This series of photographs explores the concept of 'unknowability' in our context of the information age where everything is knowable through google search.

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